About You

If this sounds like you then you have come to the right place.

  • “I am facing new challenges and need someone to hold me accountable, help me be more strategic and achieve my goals.”
  • “I’ve just started a new role. It is highly demanding! I want to develop a focused, calm and clear mind to hit my stretch goals.”
  • “I am seeking a promotion and have been working hard. I need to improve my sleep and energy levels.”

The Process

We start with a free consultation over video-conference or phone. I will ask questions to understand your context, current challenges and goals and determine the program that suits you best. I will provide you with an overview of the coaching process and next steps.

Once you sign-up to one of my programs we will have a strategy session to outline in more detail what success looks like for you and how to measure it. I will get you to complete a few assessments so we can establish a baseline prior to the program start.

Then we are ready to kick-off our program and will schedule our sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis according to your needs and my availability.

Your 1st session is complimentary

About Zen High Achiever

Zen High Achiever is an executive coaching and consulting service for professionals in the tech industry.

As Principal Coach, I work one-on-one with leaders to balance ambition and achievement with wellbeing and empathy.

My executive coaching, mindfulness mentoring and holistic wellbeing coaching helps tech professionals achieve their goals – without sacrificing their health.

Zen High Achiever offers in-person and online coaching in Melbourne, and virtual sessions elsewhere in Australia.

I’d love to guide you as you reach your full personal and professional potential. Get in touch now.

Nathalie Heynderickx
Founder and Principal Coach

The Coaching Model

When working with me you can expect to explore the following dimensions:

  • Wellbeing | Self-care, energy management, physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Mindset | Values, strengths, beliefs, behaviours, boundaries and biases.
  • Leadership | Prioritisation, communication, people development, and change management.
  • Spirituality | Purpose, meaning, and service to the greater good.