To help tech leaders reach their full professional potential and spiritual growth through mindfulness mentoring, wellbeing and executive coaching.



Seek personal best.


Do the right thing.


Face challenges & grow.


Learn from experience.


Be kind to self & others.

The unique challenge for tech professionals

Tech is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. It drives our country’s most successful businesses. It is also the frontline against threats to organisations’ private data and financial stability.

Having worked in the tech industry, I understand the immense expectations and pressure placed on tech professionals. I’ve witnessed that healthier, happier, more engaged tech leaders mean healthier teams – and healthier businesses.

I believe that it’s possible to be a highly driven, ambitious and respected leader in the tech industry; without sacrificing your wellbeing or relationships.

What is a Zen High Achiever?

As a Zen High Achiever, you can expect to:

  • Find your work more meaningful, purposeful and rewarding
  • Enjoy a surplus of energy and time to do things you love
  • Build rapport easily with your excellent listening skills
  • Know how to quickly re-establish balance when under stress
  • Have the courage to speak up and stand by your views
  • Set healthy boundaries with leaders and peers
  • Cultivate compassion and practice random acts of kindness
  • Contribute to something bigger than yourself

As a Zen High Achiever, you’ll feel like you’ve nailed work-life harmony and are building a legacy for future generations.

About Executive Coach Nathalie Heynderickx


  • Certified Executive Coach, IECL
  • Master Coach, The Coaching Institute
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach, The Chek Institute
  • Accredited Mindfulness Consultant, Potential Project
  • Certified Change Management Practitioner, Change First

I’ve worked globally in the tech arena for over a decade at IBM, Accenture, EY, Australia Post, Unilever and Cadbury. I have also managed leadership and professional development programs sponsored by CEOs, CIOs and CFOs in blue-chip companies such as HP, ASIC, BP, Bendigo Bank, Air Services, Peugeot and Mars Petcare.

In an industry saturated with practical demands like data, regulations and project timelines, I could see something was missing. There was no time to cultivate EQ or pause for reflection. We were burning out.

Today, my Executive Coaching focusses on emerging and senior tech leaders who want to reach their full potential while living fulfilling lives. Together, we work on executive presence, conflict resolution, communication, strategic thinking, change management, team engagement, recognition, burnout prevention and recovery.

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Who I Support

I have partnered with The Black Dog Institute to help them fund their amazing initiatives in the mental health space. I promise that 5% of our profits are donated to The Black Dog Institute.


Who is the Black Dog Institute?

The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness. They are about creating a world where mental illness is treated with the same level of concern, immediacy and seriousness as physical illness; where scientists work to discover the causes of illness and new treatments, and where discoveries are immediately put into practice through health services, technology and community education.

Black Dog Institute Vision

A mentally healthier world.

Black Dog Institute Mission

Enabling mentally healthier lives through innovations in science, medicine, education, public policy and knowledge translation.

Learn more

Visit Zen High Achiever Fundraising page for The Black Dog Institute (TBDI) click here.

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