Are you a Zen High Achiever?

Are you a Zen High Achiever?

I confess …

When I chose Zen High Achiever as my coaching business name, I assumed it was self-explanatory! Maybe because (pretentiously) I like to think of myself as one…

However, recently I realized that many people had no clue of what I meant by that, or even worse, some had a strange mental picture of what a Zen High Achiever is, such as …. “a Monk winning a marathon”!

Also, during recent market research I conducted on LinkedIn, a bunch of people asked me “What actually is a Zen High Achiever?” hence this short article to clarify the confusion.

As the name suggests, Zen High Achievers are highly driven and ambitious professionals with outstanding EQ and Human skills.

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… They add incredible value to their roles and find their work meaningful, purposeful and rewarding.

… They have nailed work-life harmony.

… Occasionally, they do experience an “imbalanced state” but when that happens they are aware of it. More importantly they have the tools to re-establish balance within imbalance, in no time.

… They might work longer hours when approaching a critical deadline, but those scenarios are an exception, not a rule. They value sustainable high performance and are skillful in establishing healthy boundaries with their leaders and peers.

… They enjoy a surplus of energy and time to do things they love and spend time with whom they wish.

… They don’t rely on coffee and wine to be switched on at work or to sleep soundly.

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… They are exceptional listeners.

… They are authentic human beings and easily build rapport with the people they meet.

… They are aware of their ego, manage it well and are pleasant to be around.

…They have the courage to speak up and stand by their views, even if they run the risk of being unpopular. They do so in a kind and respectful manner always keeping the greater good in mind.

…They live by their core values.

They intentionally cultivate compassion and practice random acts of kindness.

… They thrive and strive to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

…Their mission is to build a legacy for generations to come.

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