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Emerging to senior leaders in tech interested in improving performance and bringing more balance/purpose into their lives.

  • Coaching is a series of collaborative one-on-one learning conversations that facilitate transformation and accelerate development. Rather than being a teacher, advisor or expert in the counterpart’s profession, the coach is an expert in the learning conversation and guides the counterpart to identify goals and aspirations which then become the content of the coaching engagement.
  • Coaching is not mentoring, it is not counselling and it is not therapy.
  • Professional coaches focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and enabling transformation.

According to research conducted over ten years by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), coaching builds capability in the following areas:

  • Self-awareness and capacity to respond to personal challenges
  • Ability to have difficult conversations, manage performance and influence both up and down.
  • Communication of ideas and capacity to give and receive feedback
  • Team effectiveness and team building skills
  • Strategic awareness and sensitivity to the business environment
  • Clarified career interests direction and vision
  • A coach is an expert in human behaviour, is able to identify patterns, and guide you to your own conclusions through questioning.
  • Great coaches have slight experience in your domain (whether it be tech, leadership, strategy or people management) so that they are able to relate on a certain level to your context.
  • They believe that you have the answers within you and so prefer not to give you the answers but have you come up with them yourself.
  • A professional coach will challenge you and help you stretch your thinking, once a trusting relationship has been established. They will hold space to enable reflection and insights. The coach will also encourage you to take action, serve as your accountability buddy and celebrate your wins with you.
  • As per the International Coaching Federation (ICF) code of ethics a professional coach with maintain strict confidentiality and a non-judging attitude at all times.

You might benefit from hiring a coach if you:

  • Want to become a better leader
  • Are seeking a promotion or career change
  • Have received constructive feedback and need help addressing
  • Upon reflection you know you have not realised your full potential
  • Need an accountability buddy
  • Are conscious you have blindspots and keen to uncover them
  • Are in a crossroad and feel the need to press pause to re-evaluate things
  • Would like to carve time for reflection
  • Want to be challenged by a human behaviour expert who is neutral and has your best interests, not a friend or partner

In order to be coachable you need to be open-minded, curious, keen to explore, be challenged, interested in grow as a human and as a professional. You also need to be ready to take action and have some level of courage.

My approach is holistic and I tap into my diverse background and experience when coaching. I am highly supportive, focused and action-oriented.

My clients described me as a warm, intuitive, sincere and deeply passionate coach.

* I combine adult learning frameworks with positive psychology and neuroscience.
* All my programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of my clients.
* I work exclusively one-one because I believe it is the best way to achieve high impact and sustainable transformation.

  • Master Coach by The Coaching Institute
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach by the Chek Institute
  • Executive Coach by IECL
  • Accredited Mindfulness Consultant by Potential Project
  • Over 15 years of mindfulness meditation practice and over 1,000 hours of experience in mindfulness retreats.
  • Extensive leadership and coaching training at Accenture.
  • Over one decade in Tech Industry having worked internationally for IBM, EY and Accenture.
  • Lecturer of Positive Psychology at Monash for postgraduate students.

Our Promise

We are so confident in our programmes that we are excited to announce that they are covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

And, YOU are in charge of deciding if we’ve delivered on our promise or not.


So, if you get to the end of a programme and you don’t feel you’ve achieved a significant and valuable return on your investment, we’ll refund it in full.  Of course we’d ask a few questions just to ensure we improve our game in the future.  But, no matter your answer, we’ll be sticking to our part of the bargain…

The 14pt fine print:  To be eligible for the guarantee you must complete the minimum period and give us honest feedback during the programme if you feel at any level we are not delivering on your expectations.

The guarantee is good for you and good for our reputation as we seek delighted clients who feel comfortable enthusiastically referring us to other colleagues and business associates!

Interested?  Simply contact us today to book a complimentary 45 minute session

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The Coaching Model

Zen High Achiever’s unique coaching model works across the whole spectrum of your experience, whatever program you choose:

  • Wellbeing | Self-care, energy management, physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Mindset | Values, strengths, beliefs, behaviours, boundaries and biases.
  • Leadership | Prioritisation, communication, people development, and change management.
  • Purpose| Meaning, legacy and service to the greater good.
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