How happy are you in your job? I mean, really?

How happy are you in your job? I mean, really?

It’s that time of the year where we tend to reflect and take a closer look at our lives. Whether it’s reevaluating the relationship we have with ourselves, those around us or our employer. A new year is an opportunity for a new start and when we experience a desire to do better.

For most of us, work takes up a big chunk of time and energy, that is why our new year’s reflections tend to include the intention to get that work/life harmony right. There is no doubt that achieving that takes courage, discipline and effort, however, staying in a role that makes us unhappy just because it’s ‘easier’ is such a waste of our potential and life is too short!

If this sounds like you then the first question to ask yourself is if your current employer is still a good fit. Once you are able to answer that honestly then you can explore further – here are some ideas to reflect upon:

  • Are you acknowledged and rewarded for your hard work?
  • How is the relationship with your manager, peers, and team? Is there enough trust and rapport?
  • How confident and comfortable are you having difficult conversations such as negotiating priorities or workload?
  • Do you feel your current role gives you the opportunity to apply your strengths and add value?
  • Do you feel confident and encouraged to speak up authentically and share your point of view in meetings?
  • Would you recommend friends to join your company?
  • Are you proud of the organization you work for?
  • Are the organisation values aligned with your own? (I assume you know your own core values)

If you’re mostly answering “Hell, yes! The company I work for is such a perfect fit, I love my job and get enough time for myself and my loved ones,” then well done. Your company values your strengths and provides you with the environment to thrive, good on you!

On the other hand if by asking yourself those questions you realised that it might be time to update your resume and start looking for new opportunities, then once again congrats! The first step towards making a positive change is to first acknowledge that there is a problem and that takes courage.

Now, before you reach out to your network or start scouring job sites, I’d like to invite you to firstly reflect on your ideal employer. What are the characteristics of an organization that you would LOVE to work for? Ask yourself:

  • What is the culture like?
  • How are their structures, formal or casual?
  • Do they have a clear career path? Annual performance reviews or timely feedback?
  • Do they support flexible arrangements?
  • What industry is likely to be a better fit for you at this stage of your life and career?
  • Do you prefer established and traditional or young and innovative companies?

As a coach, I believe that knowing specifically what you want and then nailing down your vision is 70 percent of the work. So allow yourself enough time to get clarity on what would be the ideal employer for you and then take action.

If you need a soundboard or some help to stretch your thinking don’t hesitate – reach out!


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