Mindfulness Mentoring

Mindfulness Mentoring

Experience clarity, calm and focus as you achieve personal and professional goals

The Mindfulness Mentoring program is invaluable for the high-performing tech leader who has experienced success in the past, and seeks to sustain and boost performance without burning out.

Mindfulness Mentoring helps you learn strategies and techniques to remain calm under pressure, and respond in a measured way to challenging situations. You will develop greater patience and focus, and accept things beyond your control. The practice of mindfulness is also renowned for its ability to enhance sleep quality.

Zen High Achiever’s Mindfulness Mentoring Program allows you to learn the traditional foundations and practice of mindfulness, as well as the contemporary application of mindfulness for professional and personal life.

Zen High Achiever Mindfulness Mentoring Journey

Regardless of your mindfulness experience level we will start with level 1 to help you establish a strong daily practice that suit your needs and unique preferences. Then, we may progress to Mindfulness applied at the workplace and finally Mindful Leadership. Each phase takes approximately 2-3 months. We will be evaluating progress and suitability of techniques presented along the way.

Focus areas for Mindfulness Mentoring

The Mindfulness Mentoring program draws from Principal Coach Nathalie Heynderickx’s extensive experience and professional qualifications in meditation and mindfulness. This program will help you:

  • Be more resilient
  • Boost your creativity and ability to innovate
  • Improve clarity, focus and ability to prioritise your work
  • Improve decision-making capabilities and reduce unconscious bias
  • Get clarity on your personal and professional priorities and goals
  • Enhance sleep quality, energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing
  • Enhance communication and improve your connection with your team, organisation and external stakeholders

Will I benefit from Mindfulness Mentoring?

Tech Leaders at all professional levels face unique challenges and stressors in their roles. Those who are high-performing still strive to grow professionally and personally. Many Tech Leaders find Mindfulness Mentoring a valuable next step following Executive Coaching.

You will benefit from Zen High Achiever’s Mindfulness Mentoring program, if you

  • Want to become a better leader, with improved strategic focus
  • Are stuck at a crossroads and feel the need to re-evaluate life and work
  • Want to live in better alignment with your core values
  • Suffer from procrastination and need to achieve greater focus
  • Are experiencing stress and anxiety at work, which is impacting your personal relationships
  • Want to settle your restlessness and improve your sleep

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The Coaching Model

Zen High Achiever’s unique coaching model works across the whole spectrum of your experience, whatever program you choose:

  • Wellbeing | Self-care, energy management, physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Mindset | Values, strengths, beliefs, behaviours, boundaries and biases.
  • Leadership | Prioritisation, communication, people development, and change management.
  • Purpose| Meaning, legacy and service to the greater good.
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