Nathalie Heynderickx

Professional Profile

Empowering tech industry leaders

Nathalie Heynderickx is a certified Executive Coach who enables Tech Leaders and tech executives to reach their full potential and live more fulfilling lives. She supports new and experienced Tech Leaders to find their purpose and meaning, master their mindset, reset their health, and lead with clarity and self-confidence.

With a multifaceted nature, Nathalie is unique in the coaching space. She is a former tech industry expert with a natural interest in human behaviour; an analytical thinker who taught yoga for many years; and a strategic leader with empathy for individuals. It is this balance of the human and the technical that makes Nathalie’s coaching style and approach so compelling.


  • Certified Executive Coach, IECL
  • Master Coach, The Coaching Institute
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach, The Chek Institute
  • Accredited Mindfulness Consultant, Potential Project
  • Certified Change Management Practitioner, Change First

From professional executive to industry coach

Nathalie worked globally in the tech arena for over a decade at IBM, Accenture, EY and AGL Energy. She has managed professional development programs sponsored by CEOs, CIOs and CFOs in blue-chip companies such as HP, ASIC, BP, Bendigo Bank, Air Services, Peugeot and Mars Pet Care. Nathalie designed, oversaw and evaluated leadership development initiatives for Pitcher Partners, and implemented the enterprise-wide People & Culture dashboard at AGL Energy.

Over a decade ago, Nathalie’s professional career shifted from working with technological systems, to supporting the people behind them. She now focusses on coaching Tech Leaders, with a vision to create a ripple effect that has a positive impact beyond the individual being coached.

Blending reflection and action

Nathalie embodies the three qualities of great leaders* that she helps her own clients cultivate: mindfulness, compassion and selflessness. She draws from her direct corporate expertise to take Tech Leaders on a journey of enquiry. Nathalie is gifted at reframing perceived challenges and roadblocks so that corporate leaders have the space to reflect, experience new insights and activate solutions.

Nathalie’s coaching process is underpinned by adult learning frameworks, the neuroscience of mindfulness, and positive psychology. After the passing of her father while in her teens, she first explored the benefits of philosophy and spirituality – while still acting out as the bass player in a grunge girl band in Brazil! Years later, during a particularly stressful period in her corporate career, she returned to mindfulness practice and embraced yoga.

Leading the way for CIOs and the tech industry

Nathalie is truly committed to ensuring technology, and tech leaders, make a widespread, positive and humane impact on the world. She is the founder and leader of The Mindful AI Manifesto, which brings together senior professionals who are committed to having a set of core universal human values embedded in AI development by 2025.Nathalie is also the writer of The Mindful CIO Manifesto, which has emerged as a global platform for a more sustainable, ethical style of leadership in the tech industry.

A commitment to the whole individual

Today, Nathalie retains a thirst for learning, self-development, and wholistic wellbeing. She seeks out new, evidence-based solutions and undertakes her own research to continually hone her craft.  She lectures at Monash University in post-graduate Professional Development and Positive Psychology, and is an Associate of Potential Project, a global firm specialising in organisational leadership and mindfulness.

A coaching program with Nathalie often leads to revelations, mindset and behavioural shifts that have a positive effect beyond the workplace. Her greatest joy is receiving feedback from a client on the unexpected impact their work has made on personal aspirations, wellbeing, and relationships with family and friends.

* Hougaard and Carter, The Mind of the Leader (2018)

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