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The Zen High Achiever Quiz

How aligned are you living with what matters the most to you?
Check in with your personal and professional goals, performance, relationships and energy levels and discover insights…

Take the Zen High Achiever Quiz to find out and receive hot tips to improve your performance and well-being.

Self Leadership

1. I know what my top 3 core values are.

2. I know what my top #1 core value is.

3. I live by my top 3 core values.

4. I have clear vision of my lifestyle & career.

5. I got a clear plan on how to achieve my lifestyle and career vision.

6. I am on track with my plan to achieve my vision.

7. I am aware of what my limiting beliefs are (negative self-talk).

8. I have strategies to neutralize my limiting beliefs.

9. I have set healthy boundaries in my personal & professional life.

10. I live a meaningful life.

Effective Communication

1. I consider myself an attentive listener.

2. I am fully present with whomever I talk with.

3. I am satisfied with my personal relationships.

4. I am satisfied with my work relationships.

5. I have healthy relationships with my leaders, peers, business partners & clients.

6. I can stand up for myself & express my viewpoint with confidence.

7. I can easily negotiate priorities and workload with leaders, peers and business partners.

8. I am assertive and handle conflicts with ease.

9. My relationships are based on mutual trust & respect .

10. I am able to have difficult conversations and say "no" without compromising relationships.

Peak Performance

1. I am proud of the results I've produced at work.

2. My leader/business partner is happy with my performance.

3. I have strategies to handle distractions at work.

4. I have effective tools to help me deal with stress.

5. I have clear, defined, short & medium-term goals.

6. I have clear priorities defined each work day.

7. I add value at work most of the time.

8. I am productive at work most of the time.

9. I handle challenges with grace and ease.

10. I feel my current workload is manageable.

Energy Management

1. I have enough energy to pursue my hobbies & interests.

2. I have enough quality time for myself & loved ones.

3. I am satisfied with my social life.

4. I am often in a good head space & have a positive attitude.

5. I have cosistent & healthy digestion.

6. I usually have a good sleep and wake up fresh.

7. I wake up daily without an alarm or snooze.

8. I am satisfied with my general mental health state.

9. I am satisfied with my general emotional health.

10. I am satisfied with my general physical health.

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