The Only 4 Doctors you will ever need!

The Only 4 Doctors you will ever need!

The 4 Doctors Framework was created by one of my dear teachers, Paul Chek, who introduced me to this guidance system when I completed his Holistic Health Coach program in 2014. Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of high-performance exercise, stress management and holistic wellness. He is a Cherokee descendent and was influenced by his mother, who was a yoga teacher, to research the Eastern and Western systems of holistic health, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Health system. He was a consultant for the Chicago Bulls on a regular basis, authored several books and founded the Chek Institute. He is a unique character and a great hugger! I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife on their last visit to Australia.

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The 4 Doctors is an inner-guidance system for creating sustainable wellbeing and mind-body harmony. Your 4 Doctors are:

  • Dr. Happiness
  • Dr. Quiet
  • Dr. Movement
  • Dr. Diet

Paul encourages us to cultivate a relationship with each of the 4 Doctors.

Dr. Happiness

Dr. Happiness is the physician in charge of our core values. This doctor is about getting clear on what makes you happy. Clearly define what it is that creates happiness in your life; don’t expect others to be responsible for making you happy. Think carefully about the values you choose to live by, so that you can maximise the opportunity to experience what you want in life.

Think core values, legacy, EQ, dreams, creativity, learning, growth, motive and virtues.

Dr. Quiet

Dr. Quite is the chief anabolic (tissue restorative) physician. Introspection is essential.



A wise yogi.

Sleep is the most essential and the most powerful of all anabolic (healing) forces available to us – and it’s free! Establishing a healthy sleep-wake cycle is an essential first step to overall wellbeing.

Most human beings need 8 hours of quality sleep each night or they will begin to experience problems with fatigue, mental cloudiness, and a progressive increase in bodily aches and pains. As we go further into sleep debt, our emotional stability diminishes to the point where we are not only tired, but also moody. If we are not getting enough deep rest, our healing powers diminish quickly, and without adequate sleep, any attempts at exercise will only add to one’s overall physical burden.

Think sleep, “me time”, introspection, spiritual development and anabolic rebound.

Dr. Movement

Dr. Movement is the physician to turn to once sleep is balanced. This doctor has two components: a yin (work-in) and yang (work-out) aspect.

The work-in approach to movement results in us having more energy when we finish a work-in than when we started. To work-in one needs only to choose any rhythmic activity they genuinely enjoy; the best exercise in the world is the one you’ll do regularly. For most people, walking is easiest.

work-out, on the other hand, is exemplified by having less energy when we are done and the need to heal after the training session.

Think working out or in, flexibility, functionality, rhythm, expression, integration, transformation and warmth.

Dr. Diet

Dr. Diet is the physician in charge of what you eat and drink. The first step to living well and enjoying a heathy body with an abundance of energy, is to remove the 4 white devils from your diet (white sugar, white flour, white salt and pasteurised or commercial dairy products). Choose quality, in season ingredients and certified organic foods whenever possible.

Think food quality, hydration, metabolic typing and satiation.


Michael Pollan

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