Why Leadership Matters

Why Leadership Matters

As Seth Godin said …

Not too far away from us, there are kids without enough to eat and without parents to care.

A little further away, few hours by plane, are people unable to reach their goals because they live in a community that just doesn’t have the infrastructure to support them.

A bit further away are people being brutally prosecuted by their governments.

And the world is filled with people who can’t go to high school, neverminded college and certainly can’t spend their time focusing whether or not they get a good parking space at work.

For me that says it all.

There are still too many problems to be solved in the world. We are far from being in a golden age. Uplifting humanity is a collective task and each person has a role.

In business, true leaders are needed to challenge the status quo, to create a compelling vision, to inspire, engage, acknowledge and recognise their teams, and more importantly, to develop other leaders.

The good news is – nobody needs permission to lead or to become an inspiring role model in their eco-system. It takes commitment though, to whichever cause you care about.

These are my 2 cents. Your turn…

Why does leadership matter? Share in the comments below ūüĎá

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