Why Wellbeing Matters

Why Wellbeing Matters

Although it is kind of obvious, it really depends. Some people will say wellbeing is important for them because they want to feel good and be present with love ones, have enough energy to pursue their hobbies-interests, or follow their dreams.

For me, personally, wellbeing matters because it provides me with the support I need to invest in my #1 core value, which is Spiritual Growth. It is simple. The more time I have on the Earth in a healthy body and mind, the more time I have to overcome my own limitations, become a better human and be of service for a greater good.

I believe that from an individual perspective, there are two angles to consider. The first one is about being able to benefit ourselves, and the second is being able to benefit others.

Benefiting oneself

We all want to be happy and nobody wants to suffer. In order words, we all desire to have nice feelings (or pleasure) and avoid bad feelings (or pain). I believe that ultimately everything we do, including work, the relationships we nourish, the food we eat, things we buy and places we go, all of it is motivated by the desire of “feeling good”. We all pursue it, consciously or unconsciously. Like the definition of success, the definition of wellbeing is extremally personal, however I believe that if we peel away the layers of the onion, it comes down to the above: seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

Benefiting others

Once we have achieved that state of genuine wellbeing, we become less self-absorbed and are able to shift our focus, attention and energy to those around us. This enables us to truly help others, to genuinely give more and exercise unconditional love. It is the classical metaphor of the airplane oxygen mask, which you administer to yourself before tending to others.


From an organisational perspective, plenty of research has shown that healthy and happy employees are more innovative, productive, and resilient. So I won’t bother elaborating on that here. It should really be a no-brainer for companies to invest in and support their employee’s wellbeing, if they can afford to do so.

So, why is well-being important for you?

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