Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Bring out your infinite potential and shine

The Executive Coaching program is an immersive coaching experience for senior leaders in tech who are navigating challenges and are ready to take action.

Your full potential is often hindered by blind spots, obstacles or organisational challenges. Once these are identified, you can develop strategies and steps to uncover the ‘gold’ within you – releasing you to shine at your peak performance level.

Focus areas for Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching program draws from a systematic set of methods and evidence-based strategies to help you:

  • Manage stress and improve your overall wellbeing
  • Build and promote your personal brand
  • Develop greater executive presence
  • Create a mindset shift and optimise work and life schedules
  • Develop conflict resolution skills and explore new leadership styles
  • Re-direct your career path for a more meaningful and purposeful life

The Zen High Achiever Executive Coaching program will allow you to realise professional success and achievement, as you define it.

When will I benefit from Executive Coaching?

Whether you are an emerging, or an experienced tech leader, Executive Coaching is invaluable. You will benefit from Zen High Achiever’s Executive Coaching program if you:

  • Have not yet realised your full potential
  • Are seeking a promotion or career change
  • Want to identify and leverage your core strengths in your current role
  • Are conscious that you have blind spots and are keen to uncover them
  • Want to be challenged by a Professional in human behaviour, who is neutral and has your best interests at heart (rather than a biased friend or partner)

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The Coaching Model

Zen High Achiever’s unique coaching model works across the whole spectrum of your experience, whatever program you choose:

  • Wellbeing | Self-care, energy management, physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Mindset | Values, strengths, beliefs, behaviours, boundaries and biases.
  • Leadership | Prioritisation, communication, people development, and change management.
  • Purpose| Meaning, legacy and service to the greater good.
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